Popular Specials:

$99 Family Fun Kit

$199 Neighbour Waker Kit

With "The Menace" in the finale!

$299 Blockbuster Kit

With "2" Menace in the finale - awesome!!!!!

$999 Pyroblast Kit!

The "Big Time" Package Special!!

Are you looking to get a special deal on fireworks?

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Aside from many buy 1 get 1 FREE instore specials, ...

Most people looking for an awesome paint by numbers show will choose one of the following packages:

– The very popular –
$99 Family Fun Kit,
$199 Neighbour Waker Kit
– with “The Menace” in the finale!
$299 – Blockbuster kit
– with “2” Menace in the finale – awesome!!!!!!

All 3 kits are loaded with amazing cakes!

All of the products in the shows have been planned and all pieces in the kits are numbered , so you follow a professional show order

We also have a “Big Time” package special

It is for the larger shows – more geared to weddings, Small Municipalities etc.

It is our $999 show package

A value of approx. $1200

It comes complete with a supplied – suggested firing order

And the special effects are boxed separately along with the Finale separated

You can see one of these packages being fired on the videos page – entitled “Ericas Wedding”

Now bear in mind, it was fired electronically, but if you have a few guys who can light – and can follow your instructions then your show can look like that also

We call it the $999 PYROBLAST KIT

. . . .

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